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Worst Jobs


So you think you have the worst job in the world.

Think again!!

No matter how awful your boss is, at least he doesn’t chop off your head when you do something wrong. Nor does he ask you to wade through the sewers, handle entrails and offal, or stick your arm into the warm, cavernous bowels of large farm animals.

You think you have a heavy workload? Try working 16 hour days, 7 days a week, in a poorly ventilated factory. You’re not allowed any bathroom breaks, and if you make a mistake, you get fired. Which won’t really affect your standard of living, because your pay cheque consists of half a loaf of burnt bread. (If you’re really lucky).

Hate the fact that you spend so many hours on the road? Hey, at least you’re in a car. Not wandering dank forests on foot, constantly looking over your shoulder for traces of wild, hungry animals that want to devour you for dinner. And even though the office budgets mean that you have to fly economy, it’s still a heck of a lot better than the conditions of a sailing galley. You aren’t shackled to your seats, and no matter how bad the airline food is, at least it’s not infested with maggots. (Except of course on Karter Ultra-Budget Airlines – where they charge extra for the maggots). There are a number of interesting jobs available at a casino online including being a live dealer for streaming casino games.

Are you dealing with difficult co-workers, who refuse to follow your instructions and grumble when you ask them to meet deadlines? At least they’re not stoning you to death, feeding you to lions, or plotting with the people from the Accounting Department on how they can convince your boss to serve your head on a silver platter.

Retirement package not up to your standard? Be thankful you can even look forward to retirement. For some people, they’re lucky to be alive at the end of the day, what with charging bulls or the risk of falling four stories down a rickety chimney.

Your job isn’t as bad as you think. Not completely crap! There are many jobs out there that are much, much worse – and truly hold the distinction of being the world’s most crap jobs.

Or . . . maybe you know differently. If your job is crappier, more dangerous of more poorly paid than the above let us know and you could win our Worst Jobs Trophy.